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Skaila UAB provides highly qualified welding, fitting, and assembly services in the field of shipbuilding, ship repair, manufacturing, and assembly of metal structures, pipes, tanks, equipment, etc.

At the request of the customer, we can provide any of our workers individually, or by technological units (welder + fitters), or whole teams with a foreman/supervisor for the organization and control of works.

Our foremen, team leaders, project managers can organize and control the work of our people at the customer’s work sites, as well as advise and supervise the implementation of various customer projects.

Welding works are carried out with both ferrous metals and aluminium. Welders have the appropriate international certificates confirming their qualifications.

All our staff has the necessary certificates, documents, and permits that give them the full right to work in the customer’s country legally and safely.

Why us?

Skaila UAB strategy was to create and develop a narrow but professional service sector, which we understand well, have solid experience, and can confidently provide the customer with what he wants. With priority not in the number of employees but in their qualifications, experience, and loyalty.

The company uses a multi-stage personnel selection system and pays exclusive attention to the search algorithm, practical testing, and continuous improvement of personnel qualifications, work safety, order, and discipline at workplaces.

Before admitting an employee to work on a client’s projects, we test and observe him at local jobs for many months, checking his qualifications, ability to work in a team, assessing his disciplinary and psychological qualities.

The presence of professionals (Production Manager, Foremen, Senior Welder) in the services we provide ensure effective selection, control, and work quality of our employees.

And we have sufficient knowledge and good experience in solving migration and work formalities in many countries.

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Big qualified team

Together with our partners we manage more than 200 experienced and qualified workers, specialists, team leaders

> 200,000 hours / year

Execution of works on various projects with a total volume of more than 200,000 hours per year

Experienced specialists

Our team members have more than 25 years of experience in organizing and performing various metal works

Global satisfied clients

Fully satisfied customers in more than 10 countries around the entire globe